SPICYMOUSTACHE was born from a love and passion for nature which feels a little lacking in this modern society. Since I was a kid my grandfather taught me everything he knew about gardening and the “living soil” surrounding us, especially his chilli plants imported from all over the world which I couldn’t even go near when being harvested without a couple of tears coming down.

Moving to London with my girlfriend gave me an extra push to create an area where soil and living creatures could coexist giving you a real sense of nature to disconnect from our daily routine.

My main goal is to help people create as many green spaces as possible because soil can absorb carbon from the air, reducing carbon emissions. Urban backyards and green areas help reduce carbon emission levels in cities which in turn makes the air cleaner and healthier for its residents and also spending time in your own green area boosts your mental health and happiness!


On my YouTube channel I’ll try to teach you everything I know about Urban Gardening in order to reestablish the missing link with Nature no matter where you Live or the space available!

I’ll share all I know about gardening in order to give you all the tools you need to create your own green space. Also, there will be healthy lifestyle tips and my favourite places if, like me, you are in love with nature.



On my Instagram profile you will see updates every week about my garden, places I visit in order to learn more about gardening, tips, what I harvest, how I manage to take care of the garden with a full time job, how to preserve veggies and many other interesting things!